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How to increase online buyer satisfaction so that they repurchase or repurchase products? This question is usually one of the things that is often asked by online and offline businesses. Indeed, getting customers to be interested in buying products again is the biggest challenge for businesses. In other words, customers who repurchase products usually have a high level of satisfaction with your business, so these customers are immediately interested in buying the same product. Even after getting a high level of satisfaction, loyal customers add to buying other types of products with the same brand.

Conversely, if customers are not satisfied with the product or service provided, they generally will not repurchase. In fact, it can lead to a low review rating. There are many ways for customers to get satisfaction and do repurchase activities. Among them are utilizing the website, creating interesting content, implementing special strategies to attract customers from social media.

Utilizing Websites to Increase Online Buyer Satisfaction

One of the important things that can be used to increase customer satisfaction is to maximize the website. In general, online businesses develop faster when supported by a website. Websites can be a medium to boost customer satisfaction in addition to product and service quality. The website does not only display important information about the company but also product reviews. How do you use the website to increase online buyer satisfaction in order to repurchase? Take a look at some of the ways below so that your business website runs optimally.

1. Optimize website loading speed

Customers basically like websites that have a high speed level, so they can access all information and see various products easily and quickly.

2. Choose a responsive website design

Add your business website with an attractive and responsive interface. Besides that, make sure the website design used is also friendly for customers to use via smartphones.

3. Show complete product with description

Online buyers tend to look for detailed product information before deciding to buy the item. Therefore complete the product with informative description sentences and attractive images.

4. Simple and professional navigation system

The layout of the navigation or multifunction buttons on the website is one of the things that customers pay attention to. We recommend that you choose a navigation layout that is easy for customers to reach but still looks professional.

5. Provide effective payment options

Complex payments often make customers cancel their intention to buy products. To overcome this, provide various payment options that are effective and easily accessible to consumers and website visitors.

6. Complete with call center services

Customers need call center services in order to complete product orders and purchases. Embed a telephone number or other call center alternative that is easy for website visitors to contact.

Creating Content that Interests Online Buyers

Increasing online customer satisfaction can also be done through various website content. This is based on the goals of internet users who visit business websites every day. The reason internet users visit web pages is to find important information. In addition, internet users also open websites or online stores to buy goods that are needed. Others visit online stores to look for references to find certain information or products, so to reach customer interests and desires, of course you need to consider interesting website content.

What kind of content is interesting for website visitors and online stores? One that contains information according to the needs of customers and visitors to your business website. Simply put, online buyers visit websites to find information about something. However, seeing the website content that is displayed is attractive and reliable, the person has the intention to buy the product, so that the content that is of interest to potential customers has no specific criteria.

However, you can attract more consumers by implementing an SEO-based content strategy. This content can be in the form of written articles, audio videos, infographics and others that have the potential to increase website visitors. By seeing complete information, website visitors are more interested in buying products and repurchasing.

Implementing Product Strategies Interested in Online Buyers

The application of marketing tricks should be directly proportional to the product strategy. Simply put, whatever marketing tricks are carried out and applied, they are still not optimal without the support of a product strategy. Product strategy is an attempt to see the interests of buyers through products and in-depth analysis. To devise an effective product strategy you need to consider several things as below.

1. A product’s or service’s price

It is better if the product’s or service’s price offered is in accordance with the quality of the goods, so that it creates a sense of satisfaction for consumers who have purchased the goods.

2. Quality of product or service

Examine again whether the quality of products and services is in accordance with the wishes of consumers. Online buyers have the potential to repurchase if they see that the product quality matches the price offered.

3. Suitability of the target market

Products should be in accordance with the target market so as to attract more consumers. The target market is classified based on the age of the product user, gender, location to the buyer’s preferences.

4. Analysis of product competitors

Before setting production and marketing products, you should pay close attention to your business competitors. This step can also be maximized by making superior products that competitors cannot find buyers.

5. Product content and promotion

Pay attention to the suitability between promotional content and the products offered so as to attract consumers. Meanwhile, choose the right promotional media according to the distribution of the target market.

Maximizing Social Media to Attract Online Buyers

Finally, tips on increasing customer satisfaction can be done through the use of social media. The role of social media is very important when it comes to online business and modern digital-based marketing.

Everyone is currently accessing more than one type of social media every day. Such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are busy every day as media for chatting with netizens. As an online business, of course, this flexible container cannot be ignored. Through these various social media you can promote products with and direct them to visit the website.