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The following are some promising home-based businesses that can be taken into consideration.

Freelance writer

This is one of the home businesses that is trending and deserves to be an option, especially for those who have writing skills and also a laptop. There are many types of writing that are usually ordered, such as articles, papers, journals, and others. Apart from marketing this service via a personal website or blog, it never hurts to register on the job seeker portal as well.

Become a Translator

If you have good foreign language skills, this one home business idea will be very promising. The income of translators is quite large, especially if they can handle large projects. You only need a laptop and internet quota, you can easily start this business online .

Become a Dropshipper

This small capital home business  is also very promising and easy to run. Simply promote other people’s products and accept orders, then every product sold will bring in a certain amount of commission. Apart from not needing to make stock of goods, dropshipping can also be run only with internet capital.

Sale and Purchase of Used Goods

Used goods are in great demand today so they can become a promising home business. No need to market manually, these various used goods can be bought and sold online . There are many marketplaces and social media that can be used to run this one business. Even though they are in used condition, these various items can bring in large amounts of profit.

Motorcycle Rental Business

If you have an idle motorbike, there’s nothing wrong with making it a home business. If the demand is high, motorbike rental could even be bigger in the future. However, don’t worry, this business can be developed by inviting relatives or neighbors to join and rent out their vehicles too later. Simply marketed online , this business will be easy to get customers.

Credit Agent

Apart from manually opening a counter , this promising home business can also be run online . This online sale is even more practical and can be carried out anywhere via a smartphone . In order to get big profits, look for credit distributors who provide the lowest prices on the market.

Selling Snacks

This small home-based business is almost never ending, because all the time people like to have snacks and snacks. There are many kilo snacks that can be used as an option, from chips to modern snacks that many like. Look for distributors of snacks that are complete and sell delicious products, so that this business can easily get customers, both online and offline.

Online Catering

Catering is a home-based business that is trending and is in great demand. Serve a variety of contemporary and delicious menus so that this business can get lots of customers. Do online marketing through social media, guaranteed in a short time this business will produce so that this business will get a lot of customers.

Frozen Food Business

Since the pandemic, this one business has been very promising. Choose types of frozen food that are of good quality and are liked by many people, such as sausages, rolls, donuts, nuggets, and others. Apart from selling directly, do online marketing through marketplaces and social media.

Opening a Grocery Store

If the house is in a strategic location, then this one home business idea can be the right choice. Its wide market share is a good opportunity, even if this business starts on a small scale. Provide a variety of basic needs that are much sought after, so that this business can immediately get customers.

Making Handmade Souvenirs

This home business is suitable for those who are creative and like to experiment with extraordinary ideas. Make unique unique souvenirs , including those that can be ordered upon request. This business marketing can be done online , so that more people see and place orders.

Women’s Accessories Business

Women are of course always synonymous with accessories, that’s why this one business idea is so promising. Making ethnic bracelets, stone or bead necklaces is certainly not something that is difficult to do. This business will grow rapidly, especially if these various accessory products are made with unique and attractive designs.

Clothing Sewing Business

If you have good skills in sewing, this promising home business can certainly be an option. Not only  sewing clothes from scratch, but this business can also be developed into a wider area, such as jeans repair and sewing unique costumes or cosplay . Take advantage of personal websites or social media for promotion, so that more clients come.

Shoe Laundry

Almost the same as the business idea above, shoe laundry also has bright prospects if opened in the right location. This includes home-based businesses that are trending and can be done easily by anyone. In addition to online promotions , also distribute flyers to promote this business around campus or school locations.

Open Child Care Services

This home business idea is suitable for people who like to take care of and play with small children. If only on a small scale, this business can be opened at home. Learn how to care for children and look after them well so that the parents of these children have high trust to entrust their children. This will certainly make the business run smoothly.

Opening Online Lessons

If you have good academic skills, this home business can be the right choice. Online tutoring like this is increasingly popular, especially after the pandemic. Take advantage of the right applications to be able to teach and interact online with students. If you already have a laptop or computer, this business only requires internet quota. The required capital is around 100-200 thousand per month (buying internet quota), while the income that can be obtained is around 2-3 million per month.

Caring for and Selling Plants

If you like farming, this promising home business can be considered. Various ornamental plants are in great demand lately so the prospects for this business will be very promising. Not only run offline , this business can even be run online too. Promote this plant business through social media and also the marketplace, so you can get more customers.

Go to Animal Daycare

Another small capital home business that can be chosen is the animal sitting business. This will be the right business for those who love pets. Learn how to properly care for animals, including how to feed and drink them too. This will help make the animals that are deposited less fussy, so that customers are also happy to leave their animals.

Video Editing Services

If you have good editing skills, this trending home business will be the right choice. Video editing services are very much needed, considering that many people use various social media. Do this business marketing online and get a lot of clients every month through social media. Even though it is run on a freelance basis , this one business is very promising.