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Usually it takes many ways to make a topic a trending topic on Twitter. Because this can only happen if everyone talks about it directly. Hot topics that are busy being discussed in cyberspace are usually conveyed on Twitter, Ig, and Facebook. Even though Instagram has the most users than any other platform.

Even this platform has a loyal militant fan who can raise issues quickly until they go viral. The limited number of characters is not a big obstacle for users to write long text captions directly.

Therefore, you should learn more about it so you may experience the advantages of becoming so popular.The remainder should read the additional material below for a justification.

Trending Topics Twitter

To be a hot trend here, you have to use the same hashtag as many people’s in their tweets. Trends like this popularized this platform that made it an explosive success. Here’s everything about it:

  1. Generally, this trend is determined based on an algorithm. So everything is viewed based on what the user is following, their location and their interests. But you can also change trends based on location, so other users can see the topic.
  2. If you think that trending topics on Twitter are seen from the number of tweets, this is wrong. This trend shows what is currently hotly discussed on the platform. So see from the discussion.
  3. To find out which tweets are trending, you can look at the list to find out the most popular search results. Then there will be seen all the tweets that contain words, phrases, and hashtags. Everything is very practical.
  4. Interestingly, everyone can become a Twitter trending topic if they succeed in being in the conversation section of the people. But usually these platforms filter people’s searches for the best quality, so that everything is clear.
  5. Sometimes hot trends have explanations. For example, context, tweets, everything can be personalized based on the scope of the network to chat with anyone. You can check the number of incoming tweets directly.
  6. Usually there are topics that are restricted within the scope of Twitter trending topics. The goal is that every discussion carried out on the platform is healthy. So sometimes there is some content that is not displayed.
  7. In this case, to become a hot trend is not paid here. Due to the platform’s internal rules, everything runs organically. This can not be changed, but there is a service.

By using this platform, you will find 2 choices of ways to become a hot trend here. Namely the trend through promotion and spotlight. This usually gets popular quickly.

Twitter Trending Topics: How to Become One

Generally, every social media creator can raise a topic to become a hot trend. This means that the theme raised by all users will be tweeted continuously. Here’s how to be a hot trend:

1. Find Popular Issues

It is undeniable that hot trends always change all the time. You can analyze all kinds of tweets that can go viral. Some tweets that quickly go viral are related to many things.

For example, politics, horror, comedy, Korean celebrities, and products that are packaged and promoted in a unique way. Therefore, do an analysis and research first to get an idea of ​​viral content.

2. Join Personal Experience

Usually the unique story comes from yourself. Because each person has a different experience that can make it the best way to become a Twitter trending topic. That’s because usually the story is interesting to follow.

So that it is liked by many people, especially when conveyed in a unique way. This is where netizens usually get curious about the next story. That’s why it will be more interesting if you add a piece of the image.

3. Add Hashtags

Another way to become a trending topic on Twitter is to add the hashtag. Hastags must also be clear based on the topic of the story raised.

In addition, make sure everything has to be unique, so using a unique hashtag will allow netizens to find their own character. That’s why pay attention to hashtags before tweeting. But not much.

4. Famous Account Tag

Try tagging a popular account to become a Twitter trending topic. For example tagging one of the official or artist accounts, so that the content goes viral quickly because they might like it.

Lucky if one of them do retweet. Of course, this can attract netizens to visit your profile and read the intended story, so that if many people know, the popularity of the account will automatically increase.

5. Choose the Best Time

It’s best to choose the best time to tweet. At least select when the user is actively using social media. For example after sunset or during lunch time, so the possibility of trending is higher.