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Are you looking for a good technical solution to broadcast live videos for your business? We explain how to choose the most suitable technical solution for your live streaming needs.

Tips for producing and broadcasting in live streaming

To broadcast your event in live streaming, you need very specific audio and video equipment. Here is the list of what you will need to make a live video.

A dedicated studio

If you regularly shoot live video, having a fixed and equipped studio is a good idea. A free office, a meeting room or a conference room is ideal for broadcasting lives.

A good internet connection

Your internet connection must be stable and powerful enough to ensure the proper broadcast of the live.

A quality camera

Opt for an HD webcam or a professional camera suitable for live streaming to improve the visual quality of your live videos.

A good microphone

Avoid using your smartphone or PC microphone. Choose a professional microphone for high quality sound.

A good light

Lighting is key to bringing the mood you want to your video. A minimum of 3 lighting points are required in a studio: direct lighting, diffuse lighting and backlighting.

an encoder

The encoder converts your content to digital format for web delivery. It is not necessarily required on all live video platforms.

A live streaming platform

Finally, the chosen platform will host and broadcast your recording live. The LiveE platform offers a tailor-made service to companies and a large number of interactive features.

Live streaming platforms for a public event

YouTube Live

YouTube Live gives you the ability to broadcast your content in real time on the world’s leading video platform.

  • Broadcasts can last up to 8 hours.
  • The chat allows participants to share their comments live.
  • The public does not need to have a YouTube account.


Mostly used by gamers, Twitch is a live streaming and video-on-demand platform. Users can watch the videos from their PC or console.

  • Great interaction with viewers through chat.
  • No advertising for users.
  • Live broadcast from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

facebook live

Facebook Live is the live streaming tool integrated into the Facebook social network. You can film live from your smartphone or computer.

  • Broadcasts last until 1:30 a.m.
  • Ability to stream from your company’s Facebook page.
  • The video remains available on your page to broadcast it in replay.

Instagram Live

Like on Facebook, you can broadcast a live video on Instagram. It only works from the Instagram mobile application and therefore only via your smartphone.

  • Broadcasts last up to 1 hour.
  • The lives are achievable with 3 other people at a distance.
  • The videos disappear after 1 hour or 24 hours.

LinkedIn Live

An internal tool of the LinkedIn professional network, LinkedIn Live offers you the possibility of sharing videos in real time with your community and interacting with them.

  • Broadcasting live videos can be done from your personal profile or your business page.
  • Use of third-party streaming software is required to stream.
  • A broadcast application form must be completed to obtain permission from LinkedIn to become a live broadcaster.

Live streaming platforms for video conferencing


Livestorm is a video communication platform for companies, to create any type of online event.

  • Ability to create custom pages for your business.
  • Chat, polls and Q&A features.
  • Event performance analysis.

Price: Free version or premium version at 89€ per month.


Streamyard is an online streaming studio. It allows direct streaming to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other platforms.

  • The broadcasts last until 8 p.m.
  • Possibility to schedule lives in advance.
  • The content is customizable with the logo or the brand name.


Microsoft Teams is designed to conduct private and group conversations while sharing content. Messaging is organized around teams.

  • Data is encrypted and secure.
  • Teams offers multiple interactive integrations.
  • Added real-time subtitles.


Whereby is a video conferencing solution where it is possible to create permanent rooms for your meetings.

  • The content is customizable with the logo or the brand name.
  • Collaborative tools like Google Docs or Trello are available on Whereby.
  • Simple operation with no software installation required.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool designed for group meetings. It offers chat or screen sharing features, for example.

  • Group calls limited to 40 minutes with the free version.
  • Ability to record your video calls to broadcast them in replay.
  • Live broadcast on YouTube with the paid version.