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Do you know how to take advantage of live broadcasts for your business? One way is to use them for live sales , a trend that has been gaining momentum over the past two years. Learn with SEO Salamanca how to connect with your audience to sell more.

What are live sales?

This concept refers to the action of selling products and services during live broadcasts on the Internet. This strategy takes advantage of the immediacy and interactions of online channels to connect with buyers.

Through live broadcasts, sellers take the opportunity to publicize their product and share the link for users to go shopping. For this online sale to be effective, the offer has to be related to the content.

Sellers use this channel to inform about the product or service, while answering user questions. You can integrate it into your video marketing strategy to get better results.

In addition, it works with any item; Whatever the niche of your business, streaming is a tool to increase your sales.

Why start selling through live videos?

According to the Institute of China Cyberspace Strategy, 265 million Chinese users have purchased through live streaming as of 2023.

The figure shows how the live sales trend is gaining strength in online marketing ; especially the last two years that have been marked by the health emergency, which has forced businesses to look for new sales channels.

Live broadcasts provide that alternative they are looking for. On the one hand, they allow you to better connect with your audience, answer their questions, show how the product works. And, on the other, the purchase process is simple for consumers who also have direct access to the seller.

It’s easier to capture attention through a live broadcast than with advertising, and we include online ads here. It is also cheaper than traditional advertising, you can even do it through free tools.

How to take advantage of live broadcasts to sell?

Live commerce is effective, but it needs preparation. Making a live broadcast has challenges that as a seller you have to know how to handle.

It’s not just about turning on the camera and starting to talk about the product or service. You have to prepare the content, write a script that goes beyond promotion; that is, offer valuable content and when you have the attention of the audience and have earned their trust, tell them about what you are selling.

From a technical point of view, you have to choose the channel where you are going to transmit and do tests. In addition to being prepared to solve any problem that arises at the time of the live.

Another frequent challenge to overcome is the fear of public speaking. It is normal for it to happen and with practice you learn to handle it. It will help you to know that the audience doesn’t expect it to be perfect, but that it is a natural communication.

Understanding this, you should know that there are several ways to take advantage of transmissions to sell:

  • Launch the product during live broadcasts.
  • Hold various types of events. In addition to the transmissions through social networks, there are also webinars, presentations, etc.
  • Collect data from the audience, such as their emails, to keep in touch with them.
  • Perform live product tests.
  • Make special offers for the audience.

By following these steps you will plan a successful live broadcast :

Organize the transmission

To start experimenting with live streaming sales, you have to organize everything from the topic to the team you have. Define what you are going to talk about, the type of event, which channel you will do it on, the date and who it is for.

Create the script

After knowing what you will talk about, you have to write the script. This will be a guide with all the points that you are going to deal with and in what order. This way you won’t miss anything and avoid one of the most common mistakes in live broadcasts: improvisation.

Within the script, try to solve the frequent doubts of the users and include the moment in which you will send the link of your product.

promote streaming

When you are going to do live broadcasts on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter or any other channel, you should promote them. Choose the right channels to make them known.

The same social networks are a tool to publicize the event. In the same way, take advantage of the blog, email marketing and other channels in which your audience is found.

Includes a call to action

In order for the audience to convert, you must invite them to discover your product or service and try it. During the transmission send the link that takes them to a landing page or direct to buy. Also add a call to action so they don’t forget to visit the page at the end of the broadcast.

Finally, taking care of the quality of live broadcasts is essential to increase live sales. Test the audio, sound, internet connection and make sure everything is fine before starting.