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Maybe all this time you are still unfamiliar with the advantages of digital marketing because you don’t know what kind of role and type it is. When in fact it is very important in today’s marketing techniques.

Compared to using the conventional method, this method is more profitable and economical in any way. That’s why many people choose it because they know how to use it properly, so the results are effective.

Especially now that the internet network is getting wider. So it feels incomplete if these technological developments are not put to good use, so that this creates new habits for people to shop online.

Get to know what digital marketing is

Before understanding what the advantages of digital marketing are, it’s time to get to know the meaning first. As can be seen that currently the trend of this method is starting to be used by the wider community, especially online business people.

The ease of the method and the effectiveness of the results are the reasons everyone uses a digital marketing strategy like this. But what is meant by digital marketing? This is an online promotional activity.

Start marketing any products, services, and brands. Interestingly it has been used for a long time. Even though it has only recently been widely used because internet users are getting wider, it turns out that the technology has existed since 1910.

At that time there was a radio station that delivered live opera performances from the New York Metropolitan building. The performance can be heard live through earphones in a number of different locations by other people.

Furthermore, the advantages of digital marketing are increasingly widespread because the development of computers and the internet has increased dramatically. Digital marketing methods supported by internet sophistication make it more and more popular. Because it can reach many people at once.

Of course, using this method allows them to do marketing at a lower cost than conventional methods. So all these activities are not one way anymore. But it can be many directions at once.

Various Kinds of Advantages of Digital Marketing

The main advantage of using this method is that it can reach a wider market at a low cost. Apart from that, there are many other benefits. Following are the advantages of using technology for marketing:

  1. By using it, promotional activities can be carried out to reach all over the world. Interestingly the cost is not expensive when using the website. But of course it must be supported with the right technique.
  2. Another advantage of digital marketing is that it makes it easier for you to communicate regularly. Because this technology allows businesses to communicate more easily with their customers, so that customers always remember their products.
  3. This effective method makes it easier for you to determine your own specific target consumers. Because there are many choices of market segments that can be made, advertising results are more efficient and not time consuming.
  4. Another interesting thing that is an advantage of digital marketing is the ease in dividing the market into certain segments. You can direct ads to show to people with similar interests. So targeted.
  5. The ease of measuring its effectiveness also includes the benefits of this. Because organic advertising platforms are more affordable and have good performance. You can adjust the target according to your interests, age, gender.
  6. The advantages do not end there. Because the advantages of digital marketing are very easy to adjust. You can improve your ad’s performance even while it’s still running, so the results are more polished than conventional media.

So that’s the advantage and understanding. Now is the time to learn about the various types, so you know which method is most effective for marketing certain products and services.

5 Types of Digital Marketing that are Often Used

After getting to know what the advantages are, it’s time to understand what the types are like, so you know which type to choose to get all the benefits above. The following are types of digital marketing:

1. SEO

This method is the best choice if you want to do branding for a long time and have limited funds. Because it effectively increases web ranking so that it appears on the first page of search engines like Google.

2. SEM

SEM is a paid technique. Usually, advertisers are charged for every visit that clicks. But even so, the level of possible results obtained is quite large. This is the advantage of digital marketing in itself.

3. Social Media Marketing

This method can be used free of charge by anyone. But there are also paid ones. Examples of platforms that are often used for these activities are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


The most popular channel for this type is email marketing. That means every time a certain brand creates a campaign, they will notify their customers via email. So it is more effective to retain old customers.

5. Display Ad Networks

This marketing method is paid. Usually found on news portals on the left and right. Things like this are called display ad networks, so they are more interesting.