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Food stalls are certainly no longer a new business, because many people have been in this business for a long time. However, like other culinary businesses, food stalls are never empty of customers and are still one of the businesses with the most promising prospects.

Eating is a mandatory requirement that must be met every day, this is one of the reasons why the food stall business is always lucrative. Out there, there are many people who look for various food menus every day, even this is a routine necessity.

If you are interested in opening a new business, there’s nothing wrong with making this food stall business an option. In addition to its bright prospects, this business is also relatively easy to run, even for novice business people.

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How to Start a Food Stall Business

Just like any other business, this food stall business must also be carefully planned. This is important, to ensure that the business can run well and minimize the risk of loss so that later it can bring financial benefits.

The following are some easy steps you can take to  start a food stall business.

Do Initial Research

When starting a business , research is something that must be done. This applies to all types of businesses, including food stall businesses . Do a little research to find out about this business in more depth, so that later it will be easier to manage.

This research can be started by gathering information about various things, such as what food is likely to be in great demand, what are the profit opportunities from this business, how to make a layout for a comfortable and clean looking food stall, what kind of location is suitable, and so on.

If you have done the research above, at least it will be much easier to determine the target market and other things. This will make the food stall development plan and process clearer than before.

Define Target Market

The next step that must be taken is to determine the target market of the food stall that will be opened. Don’t do this carelessly, because if the target market that is run in the business is not right, then the business could just go stagnate.

Determining this target market will adjust to several other things, such as menu choices, stall design, and even the location of the food stall itself. If you are targeting young people, opening a food stall with a variety of current menus can certainly be considered. The same thing can also be done, if it turns out that the target market is office people.

This target market will also determine the selling price that can be applied to the various food menus themselves. Selling modern food with a variety of expensive menus will certainly not be suitable for food stalls that open near schools and only target school children as customers.

Choose the Right Location

Still related to the points above, choosing a business location is no less important. The right business location will help the food stall get a lot of customers so that this business can grow rapidly in the future.

The choice of location for this business can be done with several considerations, such as the intended target market, the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, the conditions or crowds of the surrounding environment, access to the stall location, security around the shop, and others.

There are several strategic locations that can be taken into consideration, such as locations around campuses or schools, busy residential areas, locations around markets, office areas or shopping centers, and others. The busier and better the location of the business, the greater the opportunity to get many profits.

Determine the menu for sale

After a few steps above, the picture of the food stall that will be opened will certainly be clearer. The next step is to determine what menus will be sold at the shop, including the price as well.

Of course, this menu choice must be adjusted to the target market in this business so that these various foods can be sold every day. Provide several menus that are familiar and are usually liked by many people, so that anyone wants to buy them.

Apart from that, also provide one or two superior menus that can be the hallmark of the food stall itself. Don’t forget to make a varied menu so that customers don’t get bored to always come to enjoy their lunch or even dinner there.

Also do the exact calculation for all costs incurred on each food menu so that the right selling price can be found. Make sure the selling price is appropriate and has generated a number of profits, so that later this business can run smoothly and have a long life.

Selection and Provision of Raw Materials

Start planning the procurement of raw materials in this food stall business properly. Delicious and healthy food must of course be made using good quality raw materials, make sure this food stall can get raw materials like that.

Check what raw materials will be needed daily, weekly or even monthly. Various fresh raw materials such as vegetables, of course it would be better if bought every day. However, for durable raw materials, such as tea and others, buying weekly is of course no problem.

Plan how to procure this raw material (frequency of purchase) and where it will be purchased so that work becomes easier. In addition, also calculate the costs that will be required to buy these various raw materials, both daily purchases and other purchases.

Determine the Marketing and Promotion System

Don’t forget to plan a marketing system that will be implemented in this food stall business. Marketing and promotion through social media is certainly a must do, so that this business can be more easily recognized by people, so that there are more opportunities to get lots of customers.

In addition, also carry out promotional activities regularly to bring in more new customers. For example, distributing discount vouchers on certain days, giving free iced tea drinks on Saturdays, and others. Don’t forget to also take advantage of online food delivery services to maximize sales.

Calculate and Prepare Capital

The final step that needs to be taken to  start  this food stall business is to calculate the capital. This will be an easy thing, especially if you have done the steps above correctly. Check all the costs needed to set up this food stall carefully.

If all costs have been calculated, then make an estimate of how much capital is needed to start this business. Don’t forget to prepare the right amount of capital, so that this business can start and run well in the future.

Tips for Success in Starting a Food Stall Business

The following are some tips that can be done to  run a food stall business successfully.

  • Choose a business location that is strategic and in accordance with the intended target market, so that the food stalls are always full of buyers.
  • Serve a variety of menus that are varied and different from other very common menus. This will make the buyer always satisfied and never bored to come back.
  • Determine a reasonable selling price, where the price is not too expensive, but can still bring financial benefits.
  • Use good quality raw materials, so the food served is delicious and healthy.
  • Always keep the food stalls clean, the equipment used, and also the location around the stall.
  • Do the right promotions and take advantage of social media, so that this business can get more customers.
  • Do online marketing by utilizing food delivery application services so that the opportunity to get a broad market share can be even greater.
  • Accept non-cash payments, such as through e-wallets or other payment facilities.