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If you already provide customer service through a chat on the website, know that to be able to retain more customers, you just need to make your customer service more qualified.

Ensuring quality customer service is just one of the steps for anyone who wants to win over their audience and make them increase their purchase frequency.

In addition to customer service, it is necessary to invest in different strategies, work on the relationship with your customers, through clear and objective communication, and try to exceed their expectations.

Best of all, all these aspects can be worked on through a chat on the site. Want to know how? Keep reading, we share the best tips and strategies on this subject.

Know the strategies to retain your customers with a chat on the site

Building customer loyalty can be a difficult and time-consuming task. In the meantime, the benefits of this activity are endless.

Through a customer loyalty strategy, the possibility of continuous business increases, to carry out more cross-sales, to do indirect marketing of your business, among many other opportunities.

Therefore, it is essential to know what are the customer loyalty strategies used by those who invest in having an online chat on the website. Let’s find out:

Know your customers

The first step to start building customer loyalty is to know who your customers are, especially those who have already made more than one purchase on your website or online store .

It doesn’t matter if you work with resale of imported products or if you work with products of your own manufacture. The important thing is to understand what your customers expect not only from the service, through the chat, but also what aspects differentiate you from your competition.

Businesses that work with product resale , for example, usually have greater competition and need to find ways to stand out in the market.

Customer service via chat on the website can be a distinguishing factor. That’s why you need to know more about what experiences you can provide your customers and what they can find in your service that they don’t find in competitors.

Invest in proactive invitations to surprise them

If you still don’t use online chat, know that some chats have proactive invitations that can have different uses, depending on your strategy.

Proactive invitations cause an online chat window on your website to open automatically, bringing your customer information that is relevant, according to the pages they are visiting or on which they are currently located.

In this way, it is possible to use your online chat to surprise your customers with promotions, discounts, or even encourage them to seek assistance after spending some time on your page.

The truth is that customers like to be surprised, and even more so if they are surprised with discounts or promotions. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and invest in surprising them, especially if they are returning to your website.

Some brands think that only new customers should receive discounts and forget to value those customers who come back to their site.

Work to personalize your service

Personalizing the service experience is essential for those who want to offer quality service and retain customers with a chat on the website. Some online chats allow you to integrate your CRM software, so that you can access data such as the customer’s name and purchase history.

You can use this information not only to personalize your service through the chat on the website, calling the customer by name and identifying their purchasing behavior, but also to make it more agile, avoiding asking questions that can be answered if the support service the customer has access to the purchase history.

Ensure fast service

Whether during the sale or after the sale, it’s important not to keep your customer waiting for too long.

The customer may end up giving up the purchase or it may result in a high degree of dissatisfaction and, consequently, a complaint in the channels of disclosure of your business.

To reduce the waiting time for assistance, you can use resources such as automatic messages in your chat or even chatbots.

It is also possible to customize the service through the use of the chatbot feature, as long as you are aware of your audience, in order to align communication.

Investing in fast service is the guarantee that the customer knows they can count on your support to solve problems when they need it.

Focus on problem solving

Customers usually choose chat service because they know they will be served more quickly compared to service channels such as telephone or email.

In other words, in such a fast-paced world, customers want to see their problems resolved quickly and objectively.

Ensuring these two requirements can become your differential and, consequently, retain customers who value these factors.

For this to happen, it is necessary to invest in training your service team, so that they have an active attitude in identifying problems, solving them without bureaucracy, and even anticipating the problems that may arise.

In this way, it is possible to raise satisfaction levels and, when seeing your problem calmly resolved, your store will only gain points with your customer.

Offer 24/7 support

As you’ve probably noticed, customers don’t want to wait to get their questions answered or to be attended to, so invest in offering 24/7 support.

Support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is very useful to solve your customers’ main doubts about a product, even when they shop at unusual hours.

This support can make your customer prefer to make a purchase from your business again, regardless of the price, as they tend to feel more secure with the experience.

To offer this type of support, you don’t need to hire more members for your team, just invest in chatbot resources for your website chat.

Show that you are trying to improve

Another important aspect is to show the customer that you are always looking to improve and try to invest in satisfying their needs.

When a customer realizes that a brand is concerned about offering more and better quality in service, the customer ends up becoming a fan of the brand and will hardly think of replacing it.

Therefore, after a chat service, you can send a questionnaire with questions related to the quality of the service offered or ask for feedback.

Transparency to build trust

The reputation of your business is very important for those looking to retain customers. Therefore, offer in your service via chat what you know you will be able to fulfill.

To have a reputation that is reliable you need to invest time, work on the relationship with your customers and be consistent.

Over time, its differentials will stand out and will acquire a space in the consumer’s mind, thus increasing the likelihood of loyalty.

Invest in humanized service

As we have already discussed, it is important to invest in training your team, but it is also necessary to offer a service that is humanized.

Customers who will seek after-sales service on the site are usually customers who need to solve a problem, and instead of running away or denying the problem, they train their employees to act actively in resolving it, maintaining cordiality.

Remember that at these times the client may be a little upset, so it is essential to remain calm. Instead of trying to respond in kind, practice active listening and know when to act.

Maintaining a polite dialogue with the customer without getting excited is essential to ensure that you can calm the situation, show the customer that their problem will be resolved and that it is not because of this problem that they need to stop shopping in your business.

Invest in other strategies to retain your customers

The chat on the site offers many features and benefits for those who want to retain customers, with customer service being the basis of these features.

Throughout the article, we mention strategies and tips that you can apply in your business. To use some of the aforementioned strategies, you need to have a chat on the site, such as JivoChat , which offers features such as proactive invitations, integrations and others.

Don’t forget that there are other solutions to retain customers that don’t involve the presence of a chat on the website and that you can also apply to your business. Whatever the strategy applied, deliver a quality service, so that your customers don’t need to look to the competition.