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Creating email marketing to entice consumers to buy your product is a surefire strategy for doing digital marketing. As a non-businessman, have you ever received an email that looked like it was meant for yourself, but it’s meant for a lot of people?

The contents of the message are a digital marketing strategy in which the company is carrying out personal persuasive approach techniques to everyone. The contents of the message do not require a reply, but a goal will be created if the recipient takes action.

For example, the content leads to visiting certain links, then the marketing objective is a goal when a reader visits the link in question. Many promotion strategies like this have been done. The time frequency determines whether the message is saved to spam or not.

More Effective Email Marketing Tips

The marketing strategy via electronic messages is the oldest strategy that has been carried out by many types of businesses to date. From time to time, of course, this ancient way continues to experience adjustments until finally it is in accordance with the times.

As a reference, we provide seven tips for effective electronic messaging to increase sales:

1. Use Email Marketing Tools

Don’t ever think that the e-message strategy for this promotion is the same as ordinary tools, like Gmail and Yahoo. Especially for digital marketing, there are special tools, such as Optim Monster, Sumo, and also Mailchimp.

2. Perform Email Segmentation

Email marketing segmentation is the same as you select your target market more effectively. Promotion to a targeted market will be far more effective than promotion in a large scope without a clear market objective.

3. Create Interactive CTAs

CTA is a call to action, which means inviting readers to take action, whether it’s buying a product, using a service, or entering a certain link. This call to action is placed at the end of the sentence as a form of invitation to the reader.

The trick to making CTAs less hard selling is to first provide general information about a topic. After that, slowly the email marketing strategy includes invitations to buy, use services, or open certain links.

4. Beware of Entering Spam Emails

Actually, the problem of messages going to spam or inboxes, can be caused by spam filters by recipients as well. However, as a digital marketer, of course you should avoid this as much as possible, by:

  • Avoid capitalizing the message subject.
  • The subject in the body of the email must be relevant to the content as a whole.
  • Providing an unsubscribe link is one of the email marketing tricks against entering the spam box.
  • Avoid the words free, cheap, limited offer as these can be indicated as spam words.
  • Never send more than one attachment.
  • Set up email authentication.
  • Use a trusted email hosting.

5. Write a Catchy Title

Write the title as attractive as possible so that it invites the reader to want to open the message. It doesn’t need to be too long and not too short either. Make use of direct, specific sentences so the reader can get to the point right away.

One way to determine this interesting title is to see who the target market is from and what they like. Because, email marketing is interesting for people aged 24-35 years, of course, it is not the same attractiveness as interesting sentences for people aged 45-60 years.

6. Write As If Addressing Only One Person

This is a personal approach, even if you’re actually sending the same email to lots of people. However, mentioning the recipient’s name in the message gives the impression that they are the only person receiving the message.

A personal approach is more effective than plain message content without specifically mentioning who the recipient is. An example of using point number 6 is, “Hi, Ali… especially for you, get a discount of up to 75% only today…”

This sentence gives the impression that only Ali is the recipient of the message and the recipient of the offer. Even though the contents of the email marketing have been disseminated to many other recipients by mentioning the name according to the recipient.

7. Increase Your Email Open Rate

Open rate is an indicator that determines the level of success of an electronic message in a marketing strategy. Through the open rate, it can be identified what needs to be improved and what needs to be improved in the future. To increase the open rate, you can do the following:

  • Prevent bounce emails by monitoring inactive recipients so they can be filtered and no longer receive incoming emails.
  • A/B test , where the marketer can send two types of messages to two recipients and see what the feedback is like. The end result will conclude which type of message is most effective to continue.
  • Care about the format of the email so that it is friendly when received via smartphone. Most electronic messages are compatible for PCs and laptops, but less friendly for smartphones.