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Live or live video allows you to establish lasting relationships with your audience. Thanks to their dynamic and interactive side, these streams can generate excitement among your fans, which is excellent for your image, engagement on your pages, but also the acquisition of new customers.

However, for a live show to help you achieve these relationship goals, you must offer new, original and captivating videos. To help you succeed in your live every time, I offer 5 ideas to connect with your target.

1) Use a dedicated tool for live streaming

Live videos help brands provide viewers with a uniquely immersive experience. Since they are highlighted in timelines, they also offer companies the opportunity to easily engage their community. To succeed in their live, it is often essential that these are equipped with professional equipment.

However, social networks that allow live (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), as well as dedicated applications (Periscope or Stringwire) do not necessarily have all the features you need. In addition, filming from a mobile may affect the quality of the image and sound.

Even if Facebook has recently offered the possibility of broadcasting live from a desktop computer, the webcam solution is not always optimal.

To connect your audience through a live broadcast, the OBS Studio software (Open Broadcaster Software Studio) is very powerful! It allows users to broadcast their live from their PC. Companies can then film from a camera and send the live broadcast to Facebook. In addition, they have many other useful features to make streaming more efficient and interactive.

2) Exclusively unveil your new products / services

Live offers real added value for brands when launching a product. Indeed, this mode of communication allows Internet users to attend online an event that occurs offline. In other words: brands can multiply the audience for such an event!

In addition, a live offers the possibility to Internet users to interact directly with the brand to react or ask questions about the novelty.

The car company Honda has understood the importance of using live streaming to ensure the launch of the Honda Odyssey model at the Detroit auto show. The spectators thus had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the prototype live.

By doing so, Honda has managed to establish a close relationship with Internet users who have been able to experience a feeling of belonging to the brand.

3) Give Internet users a voice in a specific setting

By offering live broadcasts, brands offer Internet users the opportunity to interact directly with them. This new form of communication makes it possible to establish true transparency, better responsiveness and a higher level of commitment between the two entities.

As the dialogue is immediate, a link is established between Internet users and companies.

The “La Plagne” ski resort regularly offers live broadcasts aimed at informing fans of its news (state of the slopes, weather, etc.), and gives the floor to Internet users in the form of a real television news:

4) Tell a story

Dating site Meetic broadcast the Beach Explorer show using Facebook Live. The concept ? Propose a story in the form of live videos filmed on different French beaches. These presented the flirting techniques used by the interviewees. The latter also had to participate in games to break the ice.

These programs were a resounding success with Internet users during the summer period. The success of the operation can be explained by the fact that Meetic managed to offer branded content perfectly suited to the target audience, at a strategic moment in its activity (summer holidays).

5) Provide solutions to the problems of your customers/prospects

Whether you sell cosmetic products or services aimed at professionals, there is bound to be a subject on which you are an expert and inclined to provide useful information to your audience.

The live lends itself perfectly to this type of exchange because in this way you will be able to establish your authority and show yourself to be trustworthy in the minds of Internet users.