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1. Choose a subject you like

The first tip I leave you and which is the first step towards success as a YouTuber is to choose a subject that you like to talk about and that you have skill and knowledge.

When you talk about a subject you like, the message flows naturally, the public perceives the truth in what you say and starts to trust you, in your indications.

Awakening public trust is excellent and decisive when selling a product or service.

2. Know your persona

Your business persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

The persona is based on real data about ideal customers.

This data includes personal characteristics, behavior, motivations, values, fears, goals, among others.

Therefore, defining who will receive your channel’s content is as essential as choosing the topic you are going to talk about.

One thing is totally linked to the other.

If you like a certain subject, to be a successful YouTuber, your audience needs to like it too.

After all, you need to win over your audience.

Check which subjects your audience likes and interacts with the most, which format they consume the most…

You get this information by looking at comments and audience interaction on other social networks.

3. Create your identity

Create an identity for your channel. You create an identity by choosing the name, logo, colors, language used, tone of voice, among other important elements.

Find out what kind of language your persona uses and, to get closer to her, use the same type.

If your target audience is people who enjoy games, for example, and speak movie game slang, that should be your type of language too.

If your persona is from the health or law area, most likely your language needs to be more serious, formal, conveying a more professional image.

These were just examples, as your identity has to be aligned with the audience you want to reach.

This makes audience connection easier.

4. Plan the content

Planning your content, creating a script and being direct in what you have to say, without losing your naturalness, prevents you from getting lost and winding up a lot, which would make the audience leave your video half done.

You don’t need to follow every word written in the script, so as not to become robotic.

You can create topics, with a beginning, middle and end.

That way, you get the message across completely, without extending too much.

5. Have consistency

Be consistent in publishing content.

Start by publishing content once a week, always on the same day.

You could publish, for example, every Thursday.

Gradually, your audience will get used to expecting a new publication every Thursday.

The golden tip here is: fulfill what you promise!

It’s a terrible mistake to promise the public that you’ll post a new video next Thursday and leave the public frustrated.

This would put your audience’s trust at stake.

Then you can post twice a week.

6. Interact with your audience

Interact with your audience through comments on your channel, on YouTube itself or on other social networks.

Publicizing your channel on other social networks increases audience engagement.

Another way to interact with your audience is through lives on your channel.

Determine a theme and publicize the day and time of your live on your social networks.

There, you will be able to ask questions, ask for their opinion and, in this way, stimulate public interaction.

Interacting with your audience is one of the most important steps to being a successful YouTuber.

7. Make constant improvements

Make constant improvements to your channel, both in terms of light, sound, image, script, theme, etc.

The best way to identify which points you need to improve is through public feedback.

Read the comments and take into account those criticisms that may upset you at first, but which can be great indicators.

8. Optimize the click-through rate

There’s no point in recording a video with incredible content if no one clicks to watch it.

That’s why you need to pay special attention to the title and cover of every video you post.

An eye-catching cover and a title that generates curiosity in the visitor, increases the click-through rate.

You need to think not only about the people who will click on your video, but also the Google engines.

So, in addition to an eye-catching cover image for each video and fun titles, you can also use your creativity to make tags and descriptions as eye-catching as the rest.

9. Invest in equipment

Countless successful YouTubers started without having a professional camera or a solftbox, recording videos with their cell phone camera.

If you wait to start your channel only when you have good equipment, you may be delaying your success.

Start as soon as possible, with what you have now, but when your channel starts to generate profit, invest in equipment.

Invest in equipment to record your videos, your channel will transmit the image of professionalism and credibility.

Some necessary equipment for a YouTuber are:

  • Camera;
  • Tripod;
  • softbox;
  • Lapel microphone…
  • Video editor.

10. Make partnerships

The most well-known and well-paid YouTubers rely on partnerships, both to create and publish content, and to monetize the channel.

Make partnerships with collaborators to edit your videos in a more professional way, with brands of products related to your niche, to recommend and earn those products or commission for the sales you make.

You can also partner with other YouTubers by creating content for their channel and publishing content with them on your channel.

11. Follow other successful YouTubers

Follow successful YouTubers and see what they are posting.

Watch people interact and what they are commenting on.

Get inspired, create like-minded videos .

It’s not to copy anyone, it’s just to have a reference from someone who is already where you want to be.

Look at the tools that successful YouTubers are using.

Strive for continuous improvement and that way you will be very successful as a YouTuber.

12. Promote your channel

Find out which social networks your audience is on and promote your channel there too.

Take advantage of all the means of communication you have with your target audience and bring them from other social networks to your channel.

Promote your videos on Facebook pages, Instagram profile, Whatsapp group, and wherever else your audience is.

This brings your target audience from other social networks to your channel and increases the sharing of your content on these social networks.