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The presence of social media which is supported by the power of the internet today has the potential to support the successful promotion of a business or product easily, quickly and cheaply, even without any capital at all. Moreover, with various  existing internet tools such as websites, blogs, and social media, as well as their global, real-time, and practical nature, business promotion activities will be maximized because their reach is wide and almost unlimited.

So what are the solid online media to be used as reliable promotional media for your business, along with the reviews.

1. Facebook

This social media is still the choice of many people to establish communication with friends and family. This fact is one of the reasons why Facebook is a social media that is widely used as an online promotion media  besides on business sites.

The use of Facebook as a promotional medium is also recognized as relatively easy by online business players, not even a few of the business people who already have physical stores also use Facebook as a media for product promotion.

It is not uncommon for successful businesses to start by introducing their products through Facebook. How to make promotion through Facebook quite successful? First, make sure your main Facebook page attracts consumers because this will be the attraction that makes potential customers give a Like .

This like is the second step that must be obtained as much as possible. Third, don’t forget to identify your target customers by looking for people who have an interest in the Facebook page. Lastly, focus on creating engaging content.

2. Twitter

Apart from Facebook, Twitter is also one of the social media that is widely used as an online business medium . Even though initially it was only designed to share famous statuses with a maximum of 160 characters, now Twitter is able to become a medium that is powerful enough to market products. This media is considered easy to reach by customers of any online shop because with smartphones , people can easily access this one microweb.

Several ways to maximize product promotion and marketing via Twitter are to increase the number of followers, send tweets regularly, promote the site regularly, determine when posting tweets, hire buzzers to increase promotion, or by promoting each other’s Twitter business online accounts .

3. Instagram

It seems that this social media is now the prima donna of online business media . Apart from being able to show product photos, on Instagram you can also put captions that are longer than Twitter. Instagram is also easily accessible from smartphones and is currently the social media with the highest existence among young people.

This is an opportunity for you to easily promote your products and business because more potential consumers gather on this social media.

Apart from that, actively interacting with customers and making video  reels is also one of the tricks that can make customers pay more attention to the business.

4. TikTok

Apart from entertainment media such as dance , TikTok is increasingly expanding its wings into the business realm. TikTok completes various features that business people can use to promote their sales. One of them, the  live feature.

Plus, if you use TikTok, the business that you are running can be quickly recognized by many people because of the large number of TikTok users.

5. Telegram

Chat media other than WhatsApp that you can now use for promotion is Telegram. Even though this application has been around for a long time, Telegram is booming when there is news that WhatsApp wants to be removed. Even so, now WA and Telegram go hand in hand.

With Telegram you can create your business group by gathering resellers from various regions. In that group, all you have to do is inform the promos to the latest products.

6. Marketplaces

So apart from using social media as mentioned above, you can also use marketplace sites. This marketplace really helps online businesses to have their own store page and carry out promo activities and marketing their products.

It is not uncommon for business owners who already have physical stores to create their shop pages on various marketplaces in order to expand their network and get more consumers.

7. Blogs

This media does have similarities with websites at a glance, but the use of blogs is only limited to supporting promotional efforts. You do this by loading various articles about online store business and products, you can even load the latest news about your online store and show the achievements that have been achieved.

To further optimize its use, many online businesses that use blogs also use SEO techniques to attract more customers or visitors.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered an ancient method among other online media , but don’t underestimate the power of this medium. Email marketing is known to have considerable power to carry out online promotions because it is a great source for sending promotional news to the latest product offers to customers.

9. Youtube

Youtube is a website or application that is currently in great demand by many people of all groups, ages and genders.

Therefore, promoting a business on Youtube is a mandatory part of a business promotion plan. The main step if you want to promote a business on Youtube is to upload a video through your personal account then choose the right category for the type of business you are promoting, the video title must be interesting and contain keywords that many people use to increase the chances of appearing on the first page on Youtube when search results videos related to keywords come out.

10. E-Commerce applications

E-commerce in general can be explained as buying and selling transactions electronically through internet media. In addition, e-commerce can also be understood as a business process that uses electronic technology to connect companies, consumers and the public in the form of electronic transactions, and the exchange or sale of goods, services and information electronically.

Now the features in e-commerce applications are more and more varied and also adjusted not only to benefit buyers but also sellers. Such as the live feature on several e-commerce applications such as Shopee and Tokopedia which allows sellers to broadcast live in an interactive way to promote their business directly to prospective buyers.

Expand Network, Increase Profits

Being smart in using social media for promotion, including making contact with potential customers and consumers, is the key to online media success in expanding networks and ultimately increasing business profits. Get closer to the community by becoming friends with them, not only promoting but also sharing information related to businesses that are of interest to consumers. In this way, you will have no more difficulties in advertising products and getting consumers.