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If most of your business target audience is on Instagram, then you must know how to make Instagram Ads. This is one of the features that makes the campaign reach a wider audience. Instagram as one of the social media platforms with the most users is a wetland that business owners need to work on seriously. How could it not be, no less than 99.1 million Pakis are active Instagram users (Ig).

This means that there is such a huge market potential on this platform because every day millions of people access Ig and have activities there. Through Ig, you can interact with your audience, build brand awareness, and create conversions.

Definition of Instagram Ads

Ig ads is an advertising service on Instagram social media that allows users to display their content by paying a fee for viewing it. These ads can appear through the feed as well as the stories feature.

How to make Instagram Ads is basically not much different from Facebook Ads. If you are familiar with advertising services on Facebook, creating ads through Ig Ads will be easier. This is because Instagram has been taken over by Facebook’s parent company and is under the auspices of Facebook Inc. which has now changed its name to Meta since 2012.

So that both ad management are under the auspices of Facebook Ads Manager. But there’s no need to worry if you’re not even familiar with Facebook Ads. In the next discussion, we will explain how to advertise on Ig Ads.

Advantages of Making Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is a service provided for users of the social media platform to reach as many audiences as possible through the interesting content they create.

1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be defined as the ability of consumers or audiences to recognize and remember a brand by looking at the brand identity. Whether it’s a logo, image, color, or other image.

With a brand that is already embedded in the minds of consumers, you can more easily market your business products. Take advantage of Instagram Ads to effectively build brand awareness so that your audience knows your brand better.

2. Maximize Reach

How to make Instagram Ads allow your content to reach a larger target audience. More than 90% of social media platform users have the potential to be exposed to sponsored content.

This is why such advertising services provide a potential market opportunity to promote products. Instagram Ads provides a feature that allows you to set specific target audiences.

Starting from age, hobbies, interests, to behavior. With specific goals, your content will not only reach a broad audience but also be targeted. So marketing will be more effective.

3. Save Budget

Relax, how to make Instagram Ads doesn’t require expensive costs. For this reason, this is a marketing strategy that is quite promising for even small and medium entrepreneurs.

With a budget allocation from IDR 20,000 to IDR 10,000,000 per day, entrepreneurs can broadcast sponsored content via feeds or stories. For that, design the best advertising strategy within the available budget.

4. Increase Sales with New Insights

You can take advantage of the available reporting features to see how ads are performing. From these reports, advertisers can gain new insights to improve ad performance and improve them so that the results are maximized.

How to Make Instagram Ads

To get broad reach, increase engagement, and convert it into transactions, create Instagram ads with the following steps:

  1. Login to Facebook Ads Manager via your Facebook account
  2. Click the ‘Campaign’ menu then select ‘Guided Ad Creation’ to maximize ad performance
  3. Next, determine the goals for creating ads, including Awareness (increasing brand awareness and reach), Consideration (increasing traffic and engagement), and Conversions (increasing conversions).
  4. How to make Instagram Ads then click the goal you want to achieve.
  5. Define the type of ad, i.e. Split Test and Budget Optimization. For starters, it’s best to select Budget Optimization ads so they can adjust costs.
  6. Enter the ad name and the traffic destination whether to the website, application, WhatsApp or messenger
  7. Activate Promo if you want to advertise a promo program
  8. Define your target audience by location, age, gender, language, and custom targeting
  9. Determine the placement, whether you want to show it on Instagram only or to Facebook and all applications that work together
  10. Create an ad serving schedule
  11. Connect with your Ig account
  12. Decide on an ad format, including carousel, single image, single video, slide show, or collection
  13. Enter the ad description
  14. Enter the ad title, image, and link
  15. Make payments via credit card or debit card