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Broadcast your concerts live on social networks

If you started to develop your image on the Net, you probably started with social networks . It is therefore wise to use it to hold virtual concerts , in order to directly reach your community. Social networks also have the advantage of being free .

The Facebook Live tool will allow you to easily launch a live video, from your fan page, a group or your personal profile, through your smartphone or your computer. You can also schedule your post up to a week in advance, and keep the video after the concert is over. For its part, Instagram offers the same type of functionality but for transmissions of less than an hour, only from a mobile and without the possibility of programming or saving images on your profile.

Finally, video-oriented community sites, such as Youtube and Twitch , are ideal solutions. The first offers the possibility of making lives in high resolution (4K), of programming them without time limit, then of keeping them on your channel. The quality is also there on Twitch, a platform originally created for gamers and specially designed for live streaming. It is particularly useful for sharing DJ sets , on software like Virtual DJ , Traktor or Ableton Live .

If these different tools seem too rudimentary to you, you can use software with additional functions (visual effects, manipulation of audio, etc.) such as OBS Studio or Be.Live , then redirect the stream to your social networks.

How to monetize your live?

Allowing ads on Youtube is a first step to getting paid , but it’s not the most “profitable” solution. In addition to the few other functions integrated into these platforms, there are now effective external tools .

To try to raise donations on Facebook and Instagram, you can share a PayPal.Me link , in your publication or your bio. On Youtube, if your fan base starts to grow, you can offer to pay for the “Super Chat” and “Super Stickers” features , included in the “Partner Program”. They give access to customizations for messages, in the chat of your videos. You can also offer exclusive content via a monthly subscription to your channel, if you meet certain conditions, such as having more than 5000 subscribers. Finally, Twitch offers streamers to become “affiliate” or “partner” users.(under certain conditions ), to earn money through subscribers, the addition of advertisements and a virtual currency (Bits).

Other sites specialize in the monetization of livestream platforms, in particular in exchange for a commission. Tipeeestream allows Twitch or Youtube viewers to pay “tips” to video content creators. The Dice application has launched Dice TV , where you can organize and view live streams with paid access , via Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook players. Stageit , on the other hand, hosts its own broadcasting system and combines the two types of monetization  : entry ticket (established or free price) and tips during the live broadcast.

Communicate and animate your livestream

Whatever platform you use, if you opt for monetization, it is advisable to think carefully about your live beforehand, to bring added value to the viewer.

This requires, for example, good video and audio equipment (a sound card, a microphone, an external webcam, etc.) and a good Internet connection. It is also important to repeat and test its installation, to be sure that the live will launch correctly on D-Day. Most of these tools include an option to launch it privately.

Also think about the content you are going to share. How can you stand out from other musicians? Your live can be presented in an original way, with decor and staging . You can also offer something other than a concert: a rehearsal, a studio recording session , a preview of your next music video or EP, or promotion for the release of an album… Be creative!

Finally, communication around your event is important if you want it to work. Although social networks integrate push notifications to subscribers of a page, this will not be enough. You will need to send newsletters , teaser , create visuals for your banners, etc. Also register your live in a series of regular appointments (up to date and fixed times), to retain your viewers. It is also highly recommended on platforms like Twitch, which require you to stay active on livestreams.

You now have all the cards in hand to become a perfect livestreamer and expand your community, thanks to streaming concerts . So, don’t wait any longer and get started before the end of confinement!